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Which of the following items are found in an income statement?
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Which section in the Cash Flow statement will provide the information about the amount of funds that a company borrowed during the preceding year?
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Which of the following measures the ability of the company to satisfy its short term obligations as and when they come due?
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Price to earnings ratio of a business is 10, price to book value ratio of this business is 5, book value per share is Rs. 15 and outstanding number of shares are 10,000, what would be the return on equity of this business?
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When companies give new shares to their existing shareholders without any consideration, it is known as
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Companies Act requires that a company which wants to raise further capital through an issue of shares must first offer them to the existing shareholders and such an offer of shares is known as
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Changing the structure of share capital of a company by increasing the par value of its shares in a defined ratio and correspondingly reducing the number of shares to maintain the paid up/subscribed capital is known as
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Delisting of shares refers to the ________ removal of the shares of a company from being listed on a stock exchange.
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If interest rates in the economy rise, price of the bond would
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Which of the following is a non-cash charge?

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