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National income of an economy can be measured through which of the following methods?
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The fiscal deficit is bridged by the government through market borrowings, both short term and long term.
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An industry where rivalry is high, the end result will be _____ pricing power and ______ incomes for the industry participants.
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Who can exert a lot of pressure and dictate prices, if there are a large number of sellers with similar products/services?
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Which of the following is considered as an economic factor in PESTLE analysis?
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What does Industry structure in Structure Conduct Performance (SCP) analysis refer to?
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If financials are great, it is expected that the quality of business is also good.
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Corporate Governance takes into account which aspect of the Management?
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Shareholding pattern and changes therein have to be informed by the companies to exchanges periodically.
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A good analyst must keep a track of disclosures, commitments and deliveries of an organization periodically to adjudge a company.

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