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A bond is issued at a face value of Rs. 100 and a coupon of 10% p.a. The interest rates in the market have increased subsequently. This bond is likely to quote at:
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The __________ of an equity share is the discounted value of its future benefits to the investors.
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Calculate the Enterprise Value based on the given information:

  • Market Capitalisation = 10 lakhs
  • Total Debt= 3 lakhs
  • Cash = 4 lakhs
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Speculation is __________ calls made with leveraged funds.
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Investing money is a _________ disciplined activity for creating wealth.
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Fundamental analysis includes which of the following?
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The time span over which price and volume are observed factors in the impact of long term factors that influence prices over a period of time.
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In technical analysis, impact of day to day fluctuations in prices is annulled by which of the following factors?
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Focus of microeconomics is on factors that influence aggregate supply and demand in an economy such as unemployment rates, gross domestic product (GDP), overall price levels, inflation, savings rate, investment rate etc.
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Two major influencers of the public policies in an economy are

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