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Research Analysts help their clients take informed decisions.
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Which of these Qualities are desired in a good research analyst?
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Sell side Analyst generally work for money managers like mutual funds, hedge funds, portfolio managers who purchase and sell securities for their own investment accounts or on behalf of their clients.
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Analysis and Decision making, the two imperative parameters involved in are affected by which of the following factors?
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What is the role of Research Analyst?
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As per SCRA, the term securities include which of the following?
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Along with SEBI and other regulators under Companies Act, RBI also regulates the Equity Shares Market.
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Where the entire face value of the debenture is converted into equity shares, it is known as
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Depository Receipts which are issued in India and listed on an Indian Stock Exchange with foreign stocks as underlying shares, is known as
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Bonds which have embedded call option in them are known as Callable Bonds.

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