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A high turnover in a stock is an indicator of ______ liquidity.
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The proportion of a public issue of shares allocated to various categories of investors is decided by
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In a leveraged investment in an IPO, the profits to the investor depends upon
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A decrease in interest rates is likely to see a greater impact on the price of which bond?
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A nomination made in a mutual fund folio
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In a jointly held folio, the PAN and KYC process has to be complied with by
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An NRI returning to India and becoming a Resident Indian has to do which of the following with respect to holdings in demat account?
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Mr. D holds investments in UPP equity scheme. He makes an investment in an MIP of the same mutual fund. Will it be held under the same folio?
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A request for dematerialization of securities may be rejected if delay of more than ______ days in the receipt of physical securities from the day of electronic request
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Ms. L takes a loan against her mutual fund holdings. Only a portion of her units are required as security. How will she give effect to this?

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