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Annualization of returns enable
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Simple absolute return is an appropriate measure of return for
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An investment in 7% tax free bonds is compared with an investment in a 9% bank deposit where interest is taxable. Both have a one year investment horizon. Which of the following is true?
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Investment A appreciates in value by 20% after one year. Investment B appreciates by 40% after three years. Which gives a higher return?
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Which of the following is a financial goal?
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Mr. Khanna requires Rs.10 lakhs in six months time to pay his son’s admission fees. An appropriate investment to set aside money for his goal would be
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Jaya needs Rs.5 lakhs urgently for an emergency medical procedure. Which investment is she most likely to tap?
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A conservative investor wants to accumulate Rs.20 lakhs in 3 years time. What would be an appropriate investment option for him?
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Which of these asset classes is most likely to meet the objective of generating regular income?
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The long term goal of a young investor is to build a corpus that is adequate to serve his income needs after retirement. The portfolio when constructed, should have a higher allocation to

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