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No advertisement shall be issued giving any impression that the issue has been fully subscribed or oversubscribed during the period the issue is open for subscription.
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Who is required to look into and monitor the redressal of the investor grievances, if any which has arisen during issue management process?
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As per SEBI (ICDR) Regulation, the aggregate reservation on competitive basis for employees shall not exceed ___ percent of the post issue capital of the issuer.
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Merchant Banker is involved in which of the following activities?
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Merger is necessarily amongst two equal or comparable stature companies.
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Takeover is the acquisition of substantial _________ for the purpose of seeking management control of the company.
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The SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of shares and takeovers) Regulations, 2011 ensures greater transparency, fairness, and equitable treatment to all investors.
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Which SEBI Regulation applies to delisting of equity shares of a company from all or any of the recognised stock exchanges where such shares are listed?
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The issuer and the merchant banker shall ensure that the security created to secure the debt securities is adequate to ensure ____ asset cover for the debt securities.
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Department of Economic Affairs handles all matters related to the disinvestment of Government of India shareholding in Central Public Sector Enterprises.

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