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Further Public Offer (FPO) can be made only through book building issues through the stock exchange route. State whether True or False?
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A Merchant Banker applicant should have how many people in his employment who should be experienced to conduct the business of Merchant Banker?
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The fees payable by the merchant banker on grant of certificate of registration should be by a demand draft in favour of ‘Association of Investment Bankers of India (AIBI)’ payable at Mumbai.
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Every merchant banker shall submit to SEBI complete particulars of any transaction for acquisition of securities of any Body Corporate whose issue is being managed by that merchant banker within ______ from the date of entering into such transaction.
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SCORES system of SEBI does not deal with any complaints which fall under the purview of the other regulatory bodies i.e. IRDA, PFRDA etc.
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Which of the following activities does the merchant banker have to perform in the process of Issue Management?
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A promoter of XYZ company wants to raise resources through public issue. He was barred from accessing the capital market last year by SEBI on account of insider trading. Is he eligible to come out with public issue?
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There is restriction on the number of warrants being attached to public issue or rights issue. How many warrants can be attached to a specified security?
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Who appoints the accountants and the auditors who help in reviewing and auditing financials and preparing financial statement as per SEBI (ICDR) Regulations for inclusion in the Offer Document?
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Which Act/Regulation prescribes the general obligations to be followed by Issuers and other intermediaries who are related with the process of issue management?

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