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In which market, securities are issued to investors for the first time?
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Who are the major investors in government securities market in India?
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The SLR and CRR rates are decided by which of the following regulatory bodies?
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Derivatives in which of the underlying assets are allowed in the Indian Market?
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The merchant banker leading a public offer is popularly known as the ‘Lead Manager’. State whether True or False.
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As per the SEBI (Certification of Associated Persons in Securities Markets) Regulations, 2007, a certificate is valid for a period of ______ from the date of grant of certificate or revalidation as the case may be.
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Which Act aims at prohibiting anti‐competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position by enterprises and regulates combinations (acquisition, acquiring of control and M&A), which causes or likely to cause an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India?
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Who is a Qualified Institutional Buyer?
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Which of the following ways are used by the Promoters to dilute/offload their holding in listed companies?
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Under ASBA facility, investors apply in __________ by using their bank account.

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