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Which is the ratio of change in option premium for the unit change in interest rates?
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On the derivative exchanges, all the orders entered on the Trading System are at prices exclusive of brokerage.
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If an investor buys a call option with lower strike price and sells another call option with higher strike price, both on the same underlying share and same expiration date, the strategy is called ______
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A defaulting member's clients’ positions could be transferred to ____________ by the Clearing Corporation.
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Clients' positions cannot be netted off against each other while calculating initial margin on the derivatives segment.
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Mark-to-market margins are collected:
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Value-at-risk measures
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A penalty or suspension of registration of a stock broker from derivatives exchange/ segment under the SEBI (Stock Broker and Sub-broker) Regulations, 1992 can take place if
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On the Clearing Council of the Clearing Corporation of the derivatives segment, broker-members are allowed.
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Initial margin collection is monitored by the

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