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The sauda book of the register of transactions needs to be maintained by the broker for a period of 2 years.
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Members Contract books showing details of all contracts entered by the broker needs to be maintained for 10 years as per the Rule 15 of SCRR.
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Clearing members need to take membership with the
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The process of original trade being cancelled and the clearing agency taking over as counterparty to all trades is called
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What kind of accounts is used to receive shares from selling clients and to send shares to buying clients?
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In case of sale of securities, what instruction should be given to the DP, upon receipt of intimation of execution of trade from broker with whom he maintains the demat account.
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Corporate action adjustments are done on all __________ positions.
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What is the action taken when there is a failure on part of the broker to deliver the securities?
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Who is the backbone of the securities market?
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Arbitration aims at ________ legal resolution for the disputes.

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