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Can SEBI issue guidelines pertaining to public issues?
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During distribution of dividends, companies should mandatorily print the bank account details furnished by the Depositories on the payment instruments
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The securities offered in the public offer can only be traded in the stock exchange in demat form?
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Issuer shall be required to enter into agreement with all the ________ before coming out with a public offer.
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Public limited companies are required to make the public offer only in dematerialised form in case the offer is more than ____ crore.
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Who resolves the mismatch during rematerialisation of government securities?
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State whether the statement is true or false: An investor in government securities holding electronic balances in the depositories SGL-1 account can convert them into physical certificates by the process of rematerialisation.
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RBI does not register transfer of securities during ________.
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What is the maturity period of Treasury Bills?
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A resident Indian can also be a Foreign Portfolio Investor. State True or False?

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