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If adequate balances do not exist in the account, then delivery instruction will wait for adequate balances till the end of the execution day.
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If a broker gives ________ of his clients to Clearing Corporation /Clearing House, then payout securities are directly credited in the clients account by the Clearing Corporation /Clearing House.
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Who is required to give the Inter-settlement Instructions to the Participants for securities lying within a same CM account but in different settlement a pocket?
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If the lender needs concurrence of the borrower for appropriating securities to his account, the transaction is called
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For pledging and hypothecation of securities, the pledgee and the pledgor can have their account with DPs under the different depository.
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When do we call that a Pledge transaction is completed?
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From who does the DP receives the pledge closure request?
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Which of the following is a "Cash Corporate Actions"?
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"Non-cash corporate actions" involves which of the following?
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Record Date for a Corporate Action is announced by

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