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For registering as a DP, the application should be submitted __________.
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The Rights and Obligation Document is a standard document approved by
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Only a guardian can open a depository account for a minor.
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In the event of the death of a joint holder, the balance lying in the account can be transmitted, on request of the surviving holders, to a new account to be opened by the surviving holders.
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The beneficial owners name in the account can even be changed after the account has been opened.
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Within how many days of request for remat of securities should the client receive the physical securities?
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It is possible for investors to transpose names of the joint holders along with the process of dematerialisation through their DPs.
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Who can make a request for demat of the security?
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Only those securities whose ____________ has been activated by the depository, can be dematerialised in the depository system.
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Transfer due to a transaction done on a person to person basis is called

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