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Money market and debt securities, including floating rate securities are valued in mutual fund schemes on amortisation basis if the residual maturity is upto _______ days.
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Illiquid securities held above 15 per cent of total assets need to be assigned zero value.
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Equity shares and equity related securities (convertible debentures, equity warrants etc.) are considered to be thinly traded, if
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Which of the following are a part of unit‐holders funds in the scheme?
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Dividend should be recognised in the books of the scheme on
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Front‐end discount in a privately placed debenture should be recognised by the scheme as
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Rental income has to be recognised in a mutual fund scheme on
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Securities Transaction Tax is applicable on
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Dividend distribution tax is applicable at ______ % on investors other than individuals and HUFs.
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The minimum holding period for capital gains to qualify as long term in the case of ETF‐ Gold scheme is

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