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In the case of joint holding, every unit-holder will have to sign the nomination form.
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In the case of joint holding, if one joint holder dies, then the units will continue to be held by the surviving joint holder/s.
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A Unit Certificate only confirms the number of units held in the name of the investor.
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SoA and CAS, shows the flow of unit-holding during the period.
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In a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), the amount which is withdrawn from a scheme is re-invested in some other scheme of the same mutual fund.
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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an approach where the investor invests constant amounts at regular intervals.
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For which of the following options within the scheme is the portfolio performance the same?
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If there are no transactions in a folio, mutual funds issue Statement of Accounts every ____ month/s.
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Consolidated Account Statement is issued for
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Post-demise transmission of units is facilitated through

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