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Futures contracts can be used to modify the exposure portfolio’s Modified Duration in the following way/s:
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The “fixed” in fixed-income securities implies that Cash flows timing is fixed.
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Tax-deductibility of interest expense makes debt an essential component of capital.
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Credit spread is the price of Credit risk.
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If the long-term rate is 10% and short-term rate is 8%, the shape of term structure of rates is Normal / positive.
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If both the long-term rate and short term rate is 10%, the shape of term structure of rates is Flat.
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The concept of accrued interest applies to Coupon bond.
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Bond rated AAA has lower credit risk.
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Yield-to-maturity (YTM) is a correct measure of the realized return for a zero-coupon bond.
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When interest rates decrease, the price of a fixed-rate bond increases.

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