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A stock Broker when dealing with a client must disclose whether it is acting as a Principal /agent.
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Category I and II Alternative Investment Funds shall invest what portion of the corpus in one Investee Company?
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The SEBI (Merchant Banking) Regulations, 1992 provide for
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The applicant for merchant banker should have necessary infrastructure like
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The applicant for merchant banker should necessarily fulfil the capital adequacy requirement as specified in the SEBI (Merchant Bankers) Regulation.
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In case of buy-back, the company shall ensure that all the securities bought back are extinguished within ________ days of the last date of completion of buy-back.
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Post issue activities, generally co-ordinated by Lead Merchant Banker, include which of the following?
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As per SEBI (ICDR) Regulation, only audited and consolidated financial statements need to be prepared in accordance to GAAP.
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As per SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, the minimum subscription to be received in an issue must be atleast ______ of the offer through offer document.
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As per SEBI (ICDR) Regulation, an advertisement may be issued giving any impression that the issue has been fully subscribed or oversubscribed during the period the issue is open for subscription, with prior intimation to SEBI.

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