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'Price Sensitive Information' include disposal of _________ part of the undertaking?
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The minimum period of holding any investment made by the Directors/partners to be considered as being held for Investment purpose is 30 days.
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The objective of the SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulation is to prohibit insider from ________ on matters relating to insider trading?
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Fraud includes a willful misrepresentation of truth OR concealment of material fact, in order that another person may act, to his detriment.
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Fraud includes
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In cases of fraud, SEBI can ________ the registration of an intermediary?
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SEBI has the power to cancel or suspend the registration of an intermediary.
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Fine in case of money laundering shall extend to Rs ________ and rigorous imprisonment.
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Record of transactions to be maintained under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act includes Cash transactions of the value of more than
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A foreign portfolio investor shall invest only in which of the following securities:

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