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There is a __________ lock‐in on the sale of shares allotted to a QIB in a preferential allotment.
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The due diligence certificate is signed by Lead Manager.
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A company must make a minimum public issue of __________ of the post issue capital.
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A company has to refund the monies collected in a public issue if the issue does not garner _______ subscription in the issue.
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. SEBI’s rules for underwriting and minimum subscription does not apply to Offers for sale.
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A company can conduct a public issue of shares through
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All application forms have to be accompanied by the abridged prospectus.
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All public issues have to get a credit rating done.
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Demat credit of shares or unblocking of funds should be completed within 6 working days of the closure of the issue.
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In a fixed price issue the price of the shares is decided according to the formula defined by SEBI.

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