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Stock exchanges have been given complete powers to regulate and are not controlled by SEBI.
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A company has to follow the regulations laid down by SEBI for the issue of capital.
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A Follow-on issue can be made only by a listed company.
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The shares have to be listed after a public issue of shares.
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The first contribution of equity capital is made by the Promoters.
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An Offer for Sale is a method of issue of shares to the public where the money raised does not add to the equity of the company.
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Only a listed company can make a public issue of shares.
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SEBI’s regulation does not consider the financial performance of a company in specifying the eligibility norms for a public issue.
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Promoters can divest their entire holdings in a company through a public issue of shares.
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A promoter’s entire holding in the company is locked‐in for a specified period after a public issue of shares.

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