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Warrants are usually issued along with Debentures.
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Warrants resemble Call Options.
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Holders of DRs do not have voting rights.
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The stocks which underlie a DR issue are held by a Depository Bank/ (Local Custodian).
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The nonā€convertible portion of a partly convertible debenture is repaid in cash on maturity.
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Warrants have to be compulsorily exercised by the holder on the specified date.
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Convertible debentures may be fully or partly converted into equity shares.
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A convertible debenture issue does not have to be credit rated since it is going to be converted into shares.
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Investors in convertible debentures may be given the option of not converting the holding into shares.
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A sponsored DR issue has existing shareholders offering their shares for conversion into DRs.

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