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SGL-1 A/c is Similar to
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SGL-2 A/c is Similar to
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DP should forward G-Sec along with DRF-GS to NSDL within ______ days of receipt.
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Locked-in securities can be invoked before the lock-in release date.
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________ should hold DEMAT A/c with same Depository.
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Ownership of the pledged/hypothecated securities remains with the ______ until the pledge/hypothecation is invoked.
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Once Pledge is confirmed by the Pledgee, the status of Pledge instruction changes to
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In Inter Depository Transfer, the movement of funds takes place ______ the depository system.
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In Off Market Transfer, funds move from buyer to seller ______ the Depository system
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In Rematerialisation Process, Issuer issues Physical Certificates within

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