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In Depository Trades, __________ have their BO A/c with the same depository.
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Transfer of G-Sec within ________ is same to that of transfer of equity shares.
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In RBI Trades, only one party to the trade has A/c with a depository.
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The minimum size to be subscribed/ transacted in the NSDL/CDSL system is
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The procedure for DEMAT of CD is same as that carried out for equity shares.
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______ should issue CDs only in the dematerialised form.
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The face value of a CP in the Depository system is taken as
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CP will be credited in the investor's account in terms of units.
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NSDL / CDSL acts as the R&T agents for G-Sec.
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NSDL / CDSL distribute ________ Corporate benefits

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