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SEBI has powers to register and regulate all market intermediaries in the securities market and also to penalise them.
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DP has to be registered with
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As per PMLA, records of services need to be preserved for 5 years.
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After Depository receives an application for registering as a DP, it evaluates and forwards the application to SEBI within 30 days
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For registering as a DP, the application should be submitted to Depository, who will in turn forward it to ______ after evaluation.
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The Rights and Obligation Document is a standard document approved by SEBI.
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Only a guardian can open a depository account for a minor.
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The client should receive the physical securities within 30 days of request for remat of securities.
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Transfer due to a transaction done on a person to person basis is called Off Market.
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Only those securities whose ISIN has been activated by the depository, can be dematerialised in the depository system.

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