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______ are in the form of additional shares.
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Dividend is in the form of cash benefit to the share holders.
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Dated securities have a maturity period of more than
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Treasury Bills have a maturity period of up to
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The Depository Participant has to reconcile its record with the Depository on a _________ basis.
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The depository system has been formulated to do this reconciliation automatically every day at the end of the day.
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When an application is made to transfer Government Securities (G-Secs) in SGL form to Depository account, the clients signature on the DRF-GS need be verified wit that on the account opening form.
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Which of the following is NOT directly a part of the Primary Market?
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An active secondary market promotes the growth of the primary market and capital formation.
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Depositories Act, 1996 aims at streamlining settlement process by transfer of ownership of securities electronically by book entry without making the securities move from person to person.

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