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Internal audit can not be conducted by any financial professional.
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Internal audit should be conducted
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General comment made in good faith cannot be considered as "Fraud".
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Internal audit can be conducted by
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Every banking company, financial institution or intermediary shall maintain a record of all cash transactions of the value of more than Rs. ____ or its equivalent in foreign currency.
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Internal audit report should be submitted to the stock exchanges within ____ month of the end of the half year period.
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Record of transactions to be maintained under the PMLA Act includes cash transactions of the value more than
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Penalty may be payable by an intermediary under SEBI Act if it fails to maintain books of account or records.
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Every person on appointment as a key managerial personnel has to disclose his holding of securities of the company as on the date of appointment within ____ days of such appointment.
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Stock broker is not required to pre-intimate SEBI about shifting the location where it keeps its books of accounts.

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